Why work with a Wedding Planner?

I perform a service.

Can you do this yourself?  Yes, much like you can change your own oil or do your own plumbing. What you pay for is the peace of mind in having someone else worry about your day.  That is the very nature of the service industry — all the pretty stuff is just bonus.

I’m a neutral party.

If Aunt Edna is upset with me because we didn’t use her neighbor’s daughter to make the cupcakes – that’s okay. I have no family feuds to take part in or worry about so-and-so family member ignoring me for the next five years. This is a huge weight off of you because you can feel free to blame everything on the “crazy wedding planner”.  I’m OK with it…really, as long as YOU are happy.

I see the big picture.

Lots of times when planning, anyone can become zeroed in on tiny details and not see the forest for the trees. “OMG I’ve been so worried about the cake topper I forgot to order the cake!” Since this isn’t my wedding, it isn’t personal to me. Not that I’m not concerned about your wedding — I AM, because I care about you, and it’s my job — but I look objectively at all aspects of your day. I use checklists and my training to make sure I’m not missing the other details.

I’m not a guest.

Your guests (especially your family) should be able to fully immerse themselves in your wedding. I’ll shed a tear or two (I wouldn’t plan weddings if I didn’t love them!), but I am there to make sure the caterer is setting the food out, the DJ is set to go and the roller derby cocktail waitresses have their pads on. You don’t have to worry about me having a good time — trust me, I am.

I am your go-between.

I have this wacky thought that couples should enjoy their wedding day. It’s much harder to do when a million people are running up to you with mini catastrophes when all you want to do is soak in the moment of the big life change you just made and bask in the happy. My job is to make sure you have as many moments of happy as humanly possible by handling the mini catastrophes for you. I am your go-to person for all questions, concerns and idea tossing. Direct your wedding party and family member’s questions my way too – this takes your stress level down immensely on your big day and during the rehearsal.

I keep your best interests in mind.

I am there to support you, take control of the bad situations and get you the best service from the vendors you have booked. You are MY couple: your happiness is my goal.

So do you NEED a wedding planner or day-of coordinator?

Of course not…but if anything you just read makes sense to you, you might just want one to make your big day go as smoothly as possible. I’d love to go for coffee, find out your plans and see if there’s a way I could help. Just drop me a note in the contact form below and we’ll set something up. You can also email me directly or use my cell to call or text. Whatever way you prefer!

Email – leann@bridalblissweddings.com

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