I actually started in the Wedding Planning business over 20 years ago when I planned my first wedding (I’ll tell you all about that one when we go for coffee).  Those were some amazing years of making couple’s dream weddings come true.  After a number of years I decided to take some time and travel.  I ended up in Australia as a nanny for a year and loved it!  When I returned to Canada I married the right guy…and 16 years, 2 kids and a lot of life experience later, I’m at a point where weddings will be part of my life again.  So many things changed in the industry during those years that getting back into business meant some training – so I became one of only a handful of Wedding Planners Institute of Canada certified Wedding Planners.  I’m so excited to return to my true passion and make bride’s and groom’s wedding days magical again!

WPIC Certification